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Welcome to Y-Unit, a unique intersection of technology, design, and business strategy.


Y-Unit specializes in crafting web solutions that are as functional as they are visually compelling. Our approach is rooted in a deep understanding of both the artistic and technical aspects of web development, ensuring that your website is not just a digital space, but a strategic tool tailored to your business objectives. We recognize the importance of a website that speaks directly to your customers, combining intuitive design with seamless functionality.


Our mission at Y-Unit is to transform your digital presence into an asset for your business growth. We delve into the heart of your brand, employing a combination of creative design and pragmatic strategy to create a web presence that resonates with your audience and drives your business goals.


Choose Y-Unit for a partnership that goes beyond traditional web design; a partnership that brings together the art of design, the precision of technology, and the clarity of business strategy. Let us help you build a website that not only looks great but also works hard for your business.

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Y-Unit Web Consultancy & Creative Services


With keen insights on the business of the web, Y-Unit's Web Consulting service help you reach sustainable profitable growth faster.


We work with various solutions like WooCommerce, Shopify, Wix, Squarespace, and other major e-commerce platforms.

Website Design

Going beyond the cookie-cutter designs, Y-Unit delivers purposeful and beautiful websites that will turn visitors into customers.


We specialize in developing websites with WordPress themes and plugins. We can also build your website in other platforms.


No sales pitch and no marketing spin. Our web consultancy aims for openness to ideas, operational transparency, and clear communication.

Bulldog Brewery LA, LLC

CoffeeDog Website Screenshot (Y-Unit.com)



To establish the brand identity/position and develop marketing strategy for a beverage kit startup

  • Website design
  • Packaging design
  • Social media marketing
  • Marketing collaterals
  • Video tutorials

Because CoffeeDog® Liqueur Homebrewing Kit from Bulldog Brewery LA, LLC. belonged to a rather new category of non-alcoholic beverage market, it needed a strong packaging and a clear message to reach the niche audience. Along with the two co-founders, we operated on a shoestring budget.




To maximize online exposure and generate interest for this novel product

  • Modern, bold, and fun stylings
  • Clear messaging through multimedia
  • Online contests and event sponsorships
  • Local print advertisement
  • Targeted Google Adwords and Facebook advertisements


Compelling and engaging visuals were crucial in this project to convey the ease of use, a sense of social engagement, and the pride of homebrewed liqueur gifting. Bright colors and fun motifs along with modern styling were emphasized across the board for the website, collaterals, videos, etc. We also strategically created recipe video tutorials and sponsored online contests to associate positive emotions with the brand. In order to increase the perceived value of the product, we also sponsored one of the popular Churchill Downs horse-racing events. Online/offline advertising and a discount program were utilized to encourage sales.


Accessible via the QR code, a product overview video was designed to turn a shopper into a buyer. Short videos were created to promote positive emotional associations with the CoffeeDog® brand. A full-length instructional video was also made for showing the full process of making the liqueur.




We generated a healthy amount of social media interest and sales. Even though the general response for the product was great, the sales slowed down due to the fundamental issues with the heavy product weight and large shelf space. This taught us an important lesson that eventually helped us to develop a new product – the CoffeeDog® Vanilla 🙲 Coffee Extract Kit.

Nelson Davis Productions

MITV-Revamped-Website-Screenshot (Y-Unit.com)



To revamp the original static website into a modern dynamic website in order to make small business information more accessible and to increase viewership


  • Rebranding of “Making It! TV”
  • Reinforcing Nelson Davis as a small business expert
  • Converting the fans of the show into brand followers
  • Promotion for “Nelson Davis Productions” business services


Making It! Minority Success Stories was a public affair series about small business and entrepreneurships which garnered many commendations including several Emmy Awards. After twenty-five years of running on-air, The production company wanted to extend the success of the show into the online world.




  • Remaking of logo
  • Redesigning of website
  • Content marketing
  • Social media outreach
  • Business development


Working directly with the President of Nelson Davis Productions, we held regular meetings to discuss what was the best way to build an online fan base with our limited resource while Nelson focused on acquiring B2B projects. The solution was the redesigned website which eventually served as a source of information gateway to attract business prospects while educating the general public about entrepreneurship. Fresh useful contents were researched and posted regularly and most episodes of the “Making It! Minority Success Stories” were digitized and made available on the website. We hosted several interviews with entrepreneurs using Google Hangouts. We also created a series of podcasts demo to test the market. We edited and enhanced the audio with Adobe Audition.




Viewership and brand followers spiked up according to various analytics. And Nelson was able to increase his online presence significantly. However, as the evolving web began to lean heavily on social media especially as a source of news and for a sense of community, it seemed to be the right time for our website to evolve as well. In the latest iteration of the company website, it emphasized personal branding – Nelson Davis as the small business expert who offered consultation and corporate video services.

A. I. Hub

AI-Hub website (Y-Unit.com)



The challenge was on how to turn my interest of artificial intelligence into something that was useful for other technology enthusiasts.


  • Providing accessible information to the general public
  • Website creation
  • Social media promotion


Before the subject of Artificial Intelligence was a major mainstream topic, there was a lot of misinformation on the internet and many of the valid ones were hard to find on the internet. When my interest on Artificial Intelligence began to surface, I decided to start a website that could share the fascinating research papers and lecture videos I came across.




I purchased a WordPress theme template and started to customize it with plugins and custom coding to make the website more friendly looking, organized, and accessible.


  • Designing of logo
  • Development of website
  • Optimization of website
  • Content research and curation
  • Targeted social media outreach


After several design iterations of the website, I settled with a simple responsive two-column layout and a large main slider. I also added two advertisement spaces at the sidebar for potential sponsorship. Its green accent color scheme was designed to convey a sense of life and energy, which was appropriate for the subject of Artificial Intelligence. Basic SEO techniques were implemented. The final part of the equation was the careful curation of hard-to-find contents that had substance and an unique point of view.




As the interest on Artificial Intelligence grew, the website was also getting more popular. The average view count for a post could range from 1,000 to 3,000 over a period of one month. I was also very proud of one instance that a rather controversial theory from a young researcher received some significant attention because it was posted on the A. I. Hub website.