Client: Bulldog Brewery LA, LLC

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About This Project

Client: Bulldog Brewery LA, LLC


My Role: Partner, CTO, Design, and Marketing


Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere, Audition, Shopify, Google Docs, Social Media, and Pay-Per-Click


Services Provided:

  •  Branding Concept and Development
  •  Creative and Art Direction
  •  Marketing Strategies and development
  •  Market Research and Analytics
  •  Design, Mock-ups, and Prototypes


Project Takeaway:

  •  Company success depends on getting the product development right
  •  Pivoting is crucial for progress





To establish the brand identity/position and develop marketing strategy for a beverage kit startup

  • Website design
  • Packaging design
  • Social media marketing
  • Marketing collaterals
  • Video tutorials

Because CoffeeDog® Liqueur Homebrewing Kit from Bulldog Brewery LA, LLC. belonged to a rather new category of non-alcoholic beverage market, it needed a strong packaging and a clear message to reach the niche audience. Along with the two co-founders, we operated on a shoestring budget.




To maximize online exposure and generate interest for this novel product

  • Modern, bold, and fun stylings
  • Clear messaging through multimedia
  • Online contests and event sponsorships
  • Local print advertisement
  • Targeted Google Adwords and Facebook advertisements


Compelling and engaging visuals were crucial in this project to convey the ease of use, a sense of social engagement, and the pride of homebrewed liqueur gifting. Bright colors and fun motifs along with modern styling were emphasized across the board for the website, collaterals, videos, etc. We also strategically created recipe video tutorials and sponsored online contests to associate positive emotions with the brand. In order to increase the perceived value of the product, we also sponsored one of the popular Churchill Downs horse-racing events. Online/offline advertising and a discount program were utilized to encourage sales.


Accessible via the QR code, a product overview video was designed to turn a shopper into a buyer. Short videos were created to promote positive emotional associations with the CoffeeDog® brand. A full-length instructional video was also made for showing the full process of making the liqueur.




We generated a healthy amount of social media interest and sales. Even though the general response for the product was great, the sales slowed down due to the fundamental issues with the heavy product weight and large shelf space. This taught us an important lesson that eventually helped us to develop a new product – the CoffeeDog® Vanilla 🙲 Coffee Extract Kit.