Client: Nelson Davis Productions

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About This Project

Client: Nelson Davis Productions


My Role: Website and Marketing


Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, Audition, Microsoft Office, WordPress, Google Analytics, and Social Media


Services Provided:

  •  Website Development / Management
  •  Content Marketing
  •  Social Media Management
  •  Market Research and Analytics
  •  Business Strategy


Project Takeaway:

  •  Entrepreneurial thinking is essential for all levels of employment
  •  Researching business content is very rewarding




To revamp the original static website into a modern dynamic website in order to make small business information more accessible and to increase viewership


  • Rebranding of “Making It! TV”
  • Reinforcing Nelson Davis as a small business expert
  • Converting the fans of the show into brand followers
  • Promotion for “Nelson Davis Productions” business services


Making It! Minority Success Stories was a public affair series about small business and entrepreneurships which garnered many commendations including several Emmy Awards. After twenty-five years of running on-air, The production company wanted to extend the success of the show into the online world.




WordPress was chosen as the content management system for the new website. its simplicity, expandability, social media integration, etc. provided an ideal platform to reach the company’s goals


  • Redesigning of logo
  • Redesigning of website
  • Content marketing
  • Social media outreach
  • Business development


Working directly with the President of Nelson Davis Productions, we held regular meetings to discuss what was the best way to build an online fan base with our limited resource while Nelson focused on acquiring B2B projects. The solution was the redesigned website which eventually served as a source of information gateway to attract business prospects while educating the general public about entrepreneurship. Fresh useful contents were researched and posted regularly and most episodes of the “Making It! Minority Success Stories” were digitized and made available on the website. We hosted several interviews with entrepreneurs using Google Hangouts. We also created a series of podcasts demo to test the market. The cover graphic for this series of podcast demo was designed to reinforce Nelson Davis position as a small business authority and radio personality. We edited and enhanced the audio with Adobe Audition.




Viewership and brand followers spiked up according to various analytics. And Nelson was able to increase his online presence significantly. However, as the evolving web began to lean heavily on social media especially as a source of news and for a sense of community, it seemed to be the right time for our website to evolve as well. In the latest iteration of the company website, it emphasized personal branding – Nelson Davis as the small business expert who offered consultation and corporate video services.