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Reaching Sustainable Profitable Growth

The Game Plan

Based on Electrolux Group‘s Three-Step Model, we plot the best game plan to reach sustainable profitable growth. This game plan identifies issues and sets priorities in order to keep us focused on achieving our goal together. Our grand principle is such that, as you move toward a sustainable profitable growth, we can all collaborate and grow synergistically into something even bigger.

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Product + Process

Before reaching sustainable profitability, a business must operates with stability and predictability in all key processes that support their main product or service. While the main product or service might make some money at some of the times, the goal is to be certain that the product has leg and that its come about is fundamentally sound.

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Competitiveness + Resilience

Once there is stability in your product performance and predictability in its process, the business needs to be resilient especially to negative external factors, and possess distinctive competitive advantage that lasts. The emphasis is on making every decision a profitable one in the long run.

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Marketing + Reinvestment

When the product offering is rock-solid and the business is able to make a profit over time, it is time to aggressively market the business in a targeted way to accelerate its growth. It is also time to reinforce the strengths of the business. By reinvesting in what the business is strong at, the goal of reaching sustainable profitable growth can then be obtained.



Step 1: Product + Process ➠ STABILITY

Step 2: Competitiveness + Resilience ➠ PROFITABILITY

Step 3: Marketing + Reinvestment ➠ GROWTH

Product Design & Development0%

Operation & Organization Strategy0%

Promotion & Strategic Investment0%